Yard Fencing

For the garage side of the yard, we choose a hog-wire style open fencing, with a simple gate. It’s pictured below. There are vines planted, which will grow up the fence sides.  Hopefully, the open style will get some sun to the grass, and it can grow a bit, so the dogs will have something to play on.

Hog Wire Cedar Fence








Hog-Wire Gate

Cast Iron Tub Installed

Here is the tub installed. We decided to place it on some surplus beams, rather than the traditional claw feet. The beams will protect the tile flooring and are really more stable and a nicer finish than the feet. The but sports the refurbished old nickel faucet, and it’s full of water to test the drain plug (which obviously works).

Below is a close up of the fine stainless steel plumbing connecting the tub to the water and drain. It really turned out well!

Stainless Steel Pipes
Cast Iron Tub