Structural Timber Trusses

One of the nice details of the Family Room is the ceiling height of about 22 feet, and large timber trusses, supporting the roof. The base of the horizontal truss is about 14 feet above the floor. Here is the look, installed.

Timber Trusses Installed

For a better perspective, here is the original design, which we changed slightly to lower the point where the lateral braces attach to the king post.

Vaulted Ceiling – Truss Design

The trusses are fabricated from Canadian Fir, rough-hewn with some distressing. After installation they will be stained.

Distressed Timbers

Here is the tie-in to the wall, note the five 2X6 supports, below the truss.

Tie-in Detail

Finally, a look from below, up through the trusses (the 2×10 boards to the left are just temporary walkways the framers were using).

Truss View From Below

Framing Part 1

We are now starting to make some real progress, with the start of framing. The exterior walls are all 2×6 lumber set on 16 inch centers, to provide strong support for the second story, and better insulation. Foundation plate sill is pressure treated, and tied to the foundation with anchor bolts. Weather has not been cooperating, it has been wet and that has slowed us down a bit, but the framing crew works pretty much other than when it is pouring. This video is a tad long, but bear with us, you can get a real sense of the progress now, and we have been awaiting this for many weeks.

Foundation Pour

A great day to finally pour the foundation. Weather was perfect, in the 70s and a little humid. Rain a couple of days earlier left a bit of water that was pumped out prior to the pour. The concrete pump truck with remote controlled boom was a big labor saver for placing the concrete. Total of about 9 truck loads of concrete. The crew worked until dusk finishing the fine details.

Foundation Vapor Barrier and Rebar Install

In this time lapse, you will see the installation of the green 10 mil vapor barrier plastic sheeting. Then the rebar. And, finally the wood trim for the fine details of the foundation, such as front steps, inset for the brick skirt, and drop down to the garage. Looking forward to getting the concrete poured in a couple of days, weather permitting.

Foundation Subgrade and Fill

Holidays are over, the rain has stopped and the subcontractors are back at it. Here is the process of building up the subgrade of the foundation, using the fill and “bag method.” Grade beams are the gaps between the fill mounds, and also are dug two feet below grade. Sewer piping was placed first. Next will be plastic vapor barrier then rebar. Plan to pour concrete in two weeks.